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Commission Rates

$60 per Custom Designed Characters [1 free draft/1 free alteration]

$120 per Photo Designed Model [Must provide 3 high-quality photos]

$40 per rendered Image [minimum of 5 images]

More than 10 images gets a discount [Ask for current promotion]

$40 per custom outfits, props, and environments general clothing, simple backgrounds do not apply.

Explicit Content fee: sexual, violent, gore and fetish

One time fee per commission $40 to $100 depending on the content.

$60 per alterations on one of my original characters

$20 per additional draft

Character Design fee + Number of Images + Outfit/Props = Total

You may pay half upfront or in full.

Time slots go to the highest valued commission. If you pay in full NO bids can be made on your time slot. If you pay half, your time slot will be up for bid. If your commission is outbid you will receive a full refund. [To be outbid the new commission must be pay in full and the total must be $100 more than current time slot holder.]

Provide a good email for a PayPal invoice. LUNARPRIZMCREATIONS

will be on your invoice and/or card statement. Turn around is 2 to 4 weeks for most art and 6 to 8 weeks for animations.

We reserve the right to refuse service.

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