Series List

Venus 7

Venus 7 is a alien science fiction theme/story line. This project is being redesigned.

Venus 7 features: bondage, breast expansion, monsters, muscle girls, lesbian, slime and tentacles.


Elfin is an assortment of mature fantasy art. As the title suggest, it is full of elves.

Elfin features: futanari, tentacles, and breast, foot, and other kinky fetish art.


Devilus is a world of angels, demons, and lore.

Devilus features: breast fetish art, straight, lesbian, monster, tentacles, giantess, humiliation, and bondage.


A young school girl with very large breast for here age, finds herself trapped in a witch's lair.

Trapped features: humiliation, breast fetish, and captivity. (Extreme Humiliation Version)

Milk Maiden

Milk Maiden is a collection of lactation fetish content.

*Cindy Dutch


*Crossovers & Parodies

Milk Maiden features lactation fetish, breast expansion & growth.


P3DX is miscellaneous 3DX art.
May content multiple genres and include characters from other titles.


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